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Interview with Anna Ting

One of our student leaders, Anna Ting shares about her experience being part of the production, The Suppliant Women by the Actors Touring Company and Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, which ran from March 22nd to 25th 2018 at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre. 

Tell us about the production of The Suppliant Women.

The Suppliant Women is a play that was written by a Greek playwright, Aeschlys, 2500 years ago. It has been translated into a version that is more colloquial to our language now. It is quite special as the performance aspect have been kept as true to what is thought the Greeks would have done it all those years ago.
Of course, it is aimed at a contemporary audience so that are some changes. For example, we wear our own clothing, we needn’t project as far as they did back in the day, and most importantly, we girls play the parts of the Suppliant women instead of young Athenian men who would have done so 2500 years ago.
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